why we use splint in this case ? i don't see any mobility (


A 32-year-old patient complains about gingival haemorrhages during eating and tooth brushing. It is known from the anamnesis that 2 weeks ago the patient got a cast metal crown. Objectively: the 27 tooth has a cast metal crown going beyond the gingival edge by 1-1,5 mm, touching causes haemorrhage. Percussion is slightly painful. What tactics is the most appropriate in this case?

A. To remove the crown and fabricate a splint Correct

B. To administer gargling with Rotocan

C. To open the crown through the masticatory surface

D. To give the patient time to get used to the prosthesis

E. To remove the crown and administer treatment for marginal periodontitis


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Answer by @MohamedKadouari

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